Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So apparently Mr. West stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to premiere his video for "Love Lockdown." About that song... I was convinced the final version was another draft/demo being that it sounds so... Well... unfinished but apparently this is the (umm) direction Kanyeezy has chosen to go in. Now, I like the lyrics because I am an emo thug myself (thanks Gavie) but the umm... vocals - not so much! I actually prefer the cover by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. I just don't know what's wrong with Kanye. I'm going to go ahead and say I found Graduation to be a disappointment and now this... WILL SOMEONE PLEASE INTERVENE AND TAKE THE VOCODER AWAY FROM HIM?! PLEASE?! I can't take a whole album of off-key autotune joints. Kanye West, you are not T-Pain (or Lil Wayne who can do it because he's high as shit off that lllleeannnnn and nobody cares anyway).

In all seriousness though, I think maybe Mr. West is going through a tough time with the loss of his mother and the ending of his engagement but damn... I'm all for soul searching but this shit is out right terrible. It's okay though, the stans will buy it. Now enjoy Kanye in an all white outifit in an all white room with a telescope and some African dancing ish. Yeah, I don't know either.

P.S.: What's really good with his hair? I'M JUST SAYING.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I said the same thing about the video. I prefer Ciara or Rhi Rhi sing off tune all with the help of T-pain, at least hey dance and uh…uh… look stunningly beautiful, Ci Ci does both *lol*

However imma give him a chance I remember how many people HATED The Love Below when it came out. I still wanna have Andre Benjamin’s baby maybe we can name him/her 8…9….10 Benjamin. I don’t even LIKE skinny dudes

Anyway we shall see and you better believe he already thinks he should have a Grammy cause he is gonna be singing all this stuff! *lol*


Lisa Marie Turtle (2008 Model) said...

Girl, I'm almost with you but I HATE Rihanna. HATE HATE HATE. LoL.

And I wanna know who these fools were who hated The Love Below because everybody I know was down from the getdown! I met Outkast when I was like 9 and told Big Boi I wanted to marry him. Met them again during Stankonia and I told Andre 3000 I wanted to marry him and Big Boi was like I thought it was me! Anywho, this whole thing has made me wanna break out The Love Below.

And lawd, I'm gonna pray for Mr. West.

amirah: the uncool said...

wow. yeah I saw him on Ellen and he just looked different to me. I really think that he's going through a rough time. For real, he needs to take some time off cuz he's been working NONSTOP.

I couldn't stand the song when he performed it at the MTV Awards but it has grown on me. But the's gonna take an even LONGER time to grow on me. Matter of fact, it may not grow on me at all. I don't know...

But I'll give him a chance as well cuz come on! It's Kanye!

p.s. yeah Lupe is gonna be at Loyola on Saturday. Then, in December, he's gonna be at College Park. I'm gonna miss both of them. But I'm really bummed out about the one on Saturday cuz that's my birthday :-(


LeNoir Tyrannical said...

I actually saw that on Ellen cwhich is surprising considering I watch barely any TV at all. But Kanye is on some other shit right now. I think someone captured it well when they said "it looks like a Sears commercial". I see where Kanye is coming from though and I appreciate it. He's going through a creative introspective phase right now. I'm excited lol

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Old folks and folks in the hood people who remember a pre-Badu Dre. I am sure Lisa Turtles always LOVED the Love Below. However those deep in the cut were like, man Erykah done drove this fool crazy he singing and acting like the Beetles in his video.

I of course LOVED it for jump, but please remember (you may not, because well I remember when Outkast came out and I WAS NOT 9) Dre and Big Boi were two dope boyz in a Cadillac (and not dope as in fresh)

Anyway. Give Ye a chance the same way the hood gave 3000 a chance. *lol*


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I'm just wondering why he's so manorexic looking nowadays!

As far as the video, uh, i hate when people try to hard to be different ( I do understand the American Psycho homage he was doing.

I can't say I've ever been a Kanye fan, but please, will someone take every vocoder in teh world and burn it!!

Lisa Marie Turtle (2008 Model) said...

OG: Oh no you didn't! I've always loved Outkast, yes... EVEN AT 9. Have every album, memorized. Love love love love love them. Can't emphasize that enough. I didn't hate The Love Below for various reasons and none of them have anything to do with my age. I wasn't surprised, number one. Maybe people from the 'hood weren't paying attention but Andre 3000 had been heading in that direction, it was more of a progression than a direct change. Andre 3000 also had the conviction to pull it off. Not to mention, the album is just DAMN GOOD. Creative, all that jazz. No he's not the best singer in the traditional sense but he didn't sing the whole damn album anyway.

As for Kanye, of course I will listen to it. I didn't like Graduation and I listened to it quite a few times trying to make it grow on me... It didn't. I have a lot of love for his first two albums but this shit sounds like a trainwreck in the making so I am apprehensive. ...And if he sings the whole album, especially while using the vocoder I will absolutely hate it. There will be no salvation for it for me. I hate Kanye + Vocoder.

Plus, I never got why people say Erykah drove 3000 crazy... There relationship was long over by the time The Love Below came out. I mean she was like on baby daddy 2 by then I think.


Don said...


Too funny.

I gave mad props to Kanye for his vocoder verse on Young Jeezy's single I Put On, I thought his lyrics were on point and the freshness of hearing him get his vocoder on was innovative.

Then I heard the new song, an entire song dedicated to the vocoder.


Like you, I chalked it up to depression over the emotional loss of his mother.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we all greive at diff rates and i bet he is struggling with it u know

your best friend said...

I was just SO confused... it's really a mess.