Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I asked my friend Les what another word for "Introductory" was... "Beginnory" is what he gave me. So this is the beginnory of my... my... Blog. I don't like that word though so from here on out when you (the collective you) see me saying "Danish" I am referring to my blog. What does one say in a beginnory? Do I say why I chose to start a danish? The answer to that would be peer pressure and of course boredom. Do I say what one can expect to find in my danish? Umm... One should expect everything.

Lortab Is My Friend
That is my friend, Lortab.

Benadryl Dye Free
This is my other friend, Dye-Free Benadryl.

I present them just to say, though I am admittedly spacey I'm not always as spacey as I may appear right now. Not sure if I do. But I have taken some Lortabs for menstrual cramps and two Benadryl for my allergies. I'm like... Trying to keep my eyes open so is felt like time for a danish. I'm avoiding two very important tasks right now... Fixing my ID3 tags and making an mp3 for Les out of some Youtube video. But I've to run out of songs by The Cool Kids to listen to so I think I'm officially done with this danish. The next one should better. I like to be optimistic.


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