Saturday, August 09, 2008

Improper Stannin

y stannin game was not proper earlier this week. I knew the remix video to "Everyone Nose" by N*E*R*D featuring CRS & Pusha T had premiered but I didn't bother to blog about it. What is really going on? Me pass up an opportunity to stan for Lupe and talk about some black menz I want do drop it off in my drawers... Seems nuts. Anyway, here's the video. Watch it. Look for my commentary underneath.

"Everyone Nose (Remix)" N*E*R*D feat. CRS & Pusha T
  1. I guess nobody told Kanye that the "any black inside you" line would be corny as all hale.
  2. I love you Lupe, but that "high" shit got extra annoying.
  3. Pharrell killed it, with his wormy looking ass.
  4. Pusha T, killed it.
  5. Lupe looked EXTRA scrumptous in it.

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