Saturday, May 31, 2008


((Disclaimer: This is an unusually long post for me but it is something that is true life and I feel many people (black women especially) can relate.))

As it has been explained, Lisa Turtle has spent a good portion of her life being the only black girl around. This has provided her with a severe lack of close black friends (especially girls) and ridicule for having a tendency to appreciate several things deemed "white" (many of which have appeared in Stuff White People Like). I may have also mentioned that I used to be a white boy connoisseur, mainly because I didn't know very many black boys who actually dated black girls. Since turning 18, I have had not trouble finding black men but every so often a little issue comes up with the some of the ones who show interest in me.

It has come to my attention that I am often the transition or "test" black girl for those black men who have never dated or "messed with" a black girl. INITIALLY, this fact never bothered me. I can admit that (though I have no problem with interracial dating, LET'S BE CLEAR ON THAT) I was actually kind of proud of it. I even, jokingly, referred to myself as the "white girl dream crusher," meaning that I crush the dream or ideal that "white is right." This was all fine in dandy in my head, I was happy to help bring some "brothas" back to the dark side... This was until I was discussing with a guy how I noticed that many guys who only date white girls tend to express interest in me to which he replied:

I cannot explain how much that one statement pissed me off. I began to reevaluate the relationships I had with all of these guys who previously seemed completely disinterested in black girls at all. Did they too think this way about me? I tried to put this out of my mind but recently, someone picked at the scab. I met this guy who is... Well, to be honest, I don't really think he's cute but my friends do and since I'm somewhat shallow I appreciated this... Anyway, I met this guy and he seemed nice and all that jazz until he up and says to me,

I only date white girls or black girls who act white, and that's why I like you... Because you act white.
Those who know me know that I can't stand that... I hate when people say I "act" white mainly because I don't try to act any certain way. I just am who I am. After he told me that I was completely turned off but me being me I just kind of let him continue to fawn over me because... Well, that's just what I do (if I'm being honest). This was until I happened to read his blogs on MySpace. Please enjoy this excerpt:
I am looking for a Caucasian or foreign type of female. Educated, sort of thick, no kids, religious and very down to earth. PERSONAL NOTE: I LOVE my black sisters but I DON'T want to have any kids or marry one nor am I messing with a female in the past. FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS and I am leaving it at that.
Again, me being me, I could not let this go. I was completely pissed that he would even bother to pursue me when he feels my entire race is beneath him. So I commented, simply saying "What is your gripe with black women?" Enjoy the conversation that followed (and I apologize on behalf of humanity for his stupidity).
Him: Black women will always be known to be nubian princesses in my heart. My future woman will be caucasian though I feel as though a caucasian women will best suite my future wants and needs.

1. I hope you know that makes no sense.
2. I don't appreciate you trying to get at me (even if you don't try anymore) when you feel as though it is beneath you to date my entire race.
3. If you love black women so much and they are your nubian princesses then why do you feel one will never be good enough to meet your standards?
4. Do you realize it is self-hatred when you are basically saying white is right and black is wrong?
5. I hope no woman, black, white, "foreign" or whatever falls for your ridiculous brand of fetishism.

P.S.: I also did not appreciate you telling me that you liked me because you like black girls who "act white."

1) we hung out one time

2) this is a FREE COUNTRY, I can choose who I want to date w/o being crticized
3) If you don't like my blog, DON'T COMMENT ON IT because I wasn't expecting negative feedback
4) If you want to delete yourself from my page, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO!


1. I know we hung out one time and I don't believe you saw me trying to hang with you more than that.
2. I don't actually care who you date but I was standing up for MY RACE (you know, the one you're a part of too) and I don't think anyone should limit who they fall in love with based on RACE.
4. If you want to control who can read your blogs DO SO but being that you have them out in the open I guess you want people to read them... You cannot control the way people feel, think, and react.
5. Going through my friends to find and delete you is not worth the time being that you pose no threat to me.
6. I love how you didn't address any of the points that I made.

I would post the rest of our conversation but it's kind of irrelevant (to sum it up for those of you who are curious he tried to smooth the situation over and I was not having it so then he told me he deleted me on MySpace, deleted my friend Stephanie, deleted my number, deleted messages, etc.).

I should be offended, right? He and other little boys (because that's what they are) like him try to make me feel as though I should feel privileged to pass their white enough black girl test. I don't feel privileged or honored, I feel disgusted. I start to wonder why these lame-asses are attracted to me (other than the reason they state) and I wonder what I am doing to give off that vibe. Then I throw it all in the air and decide it's their own ignorance and it's not my problem but I can't lie, it definitely bothers me. I'm not willing to be a taste of chocolate for some white man so I for damn sure won't be some black man's black-white girl fetish. What the hell is that? I need thoughts on this topic. Please help your girl out!



Kia said...

go0d shit.! that mfer.

stephanie said...

LMFAO. will is a dumbass. and LMAO @ him deleting me off his myspace.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Excellent post. first time here and I like.

I don't know what to say about some of our brothers. Why is it that some of them have such an intense level of self hate. I think the only group who beat them in the self hate arena are Asian women(not all). I have a post I am thinking about writing but I don't want hell to break out on my blog.

Melody said...

I don't appreciate that pic!! Gross. And that dude sounds ridic, and is obviously not even worth your time.

Lisa Marie Turtle (2008 Model) said...

LoL, I knew you wouldn't like the pic that's why I put a disguise on you!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lol at only black woman around, reminds me of my days teaching at emory university, on black male professor in school of public health, well one of 2

hope u dont mind the drive by

8thlight said...

How did he get accepted to college? He's one of the dumber people on the internet and that's saying a lot. lol

What did he mean that you act like a white girl?

8thlight said...

There must be more to it than you having a lot of white friends. What do you think his definition of "acting like a white girl" was?

p.s. I'll get any message you leave here. lol

Lisa Marie Turtle (2008 Model) said...

I mean I don't know because I don't feel that you can truly "act" like a race and if you try to you're an ignorant fool. The thing is I get that a lot though... People say I "act" white and I chock it up to being a product of my environment. Most of the traits the single me out for as being "white" are not necessarily negative so then I wonder are you then saying my negative characteristics make me black? If you're wondering what traits there's my taste in music (I listen to any and everything except gospel), my extreme non-religiousness, where I live, the way I talk (a product of speech classes that a BLACK SCHOOL made me take because I was too country), the way I dress, my friends, my attitude (allegedly). I know his type sadly, they see me and because I'm not the typical black girl they're used to they peg me as white. It's ridiculous.

brandy said...

Fortunately, the white guys I've messed with have all respected me as a person and appreciated the fact that I was a fully black woman (although I suspect a few of them DID just want to dip their finger in some chocolate)

But, I've come across MANY MANY MANY black guys who are either white-only and completely look down on black girls or only do mixed girls/redbone-type. Which I find interesting to say the least. Its one thing to be open to all races, its another completely to be racist.