Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Pennsylvania, FUCK YOU.

You could have been so much more. You could have ended this all. You could have saved us from evil... But you chose not to. Now... Who knows how long this will go on? Who knows how long we will all suffer the slings and arrows of this bullshit election that will provide us with no real change and will bring forth a surge in apathy.

Let me be clear, unlike a lot of people, I never really hated Hillary Clinton before this primary season/election/whatever. I was not a 100% supporter of Obama, initially. To be honest, the more I hate her the more I'm for him but lately I just don't know.

I have had my own conspiracies from the start... I didn't want to but the thoughts floated through my brain. I figured they'd misconstrue/miscount/mishandle votes and then there were the assassination theories. I've gone another way. I think something is brewing here they're all in on it... Even you Obama. I haven't yet worked out what their angle is but here is what I'm thinking...

  • Obama was never supposed to do as well as he was doing. They wanted him to get the nomination but not with the tremendous amount of support that was beginning to build up for him. They didn't want him to have such a big chance to beat McCain.
  • To deal with this blow to their plan, Clinton went into outrageous attack mode. This was semi-working but it wasn't good enough because he still was doing well.
  • Then it's Obama's turn... Stupid little mistakes here and there. Doing/saying little things to crack away at his solid campaign.
  • Hillary Clinton will not win the nomination but Barack Obama will not win the presidential election.
  • John McCain will be the next president but for how long???
This is where I wonder should we watch for McCain's VP nominee. What if McCain's old ass dies/becomes ill and the VP takes over??? Will the VP be some evil Cheney style character? In my brain... Probably.

...Or, is Hillary Clinton only staying in to sabotage Barack Obama so that he definitely loses and four years from now she can be in this same position only winning heavily on the underlying mantra of, "I told you so."

I'm not sure what to think but this whole situation just seems fishy to me. I'm mad and I don't know who to be mad at so tonight I focus my anger on the state of Pennsylvania because I truly believe that tonight, they could have ended some of this madness. All it would have taken was for 5%-6% more of you to vote for Barack Obama. But who knows? Maybe y'all did? *Sigh*


RskimB said...

another state to add to the shit list.

8thlight said...

I represented, but Obama should've lived in Pittsburgh/Western PA. He needed to put in a lot more work than he did to have a chance. :(

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

they'll never see any more of my money in their state.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll aint seen shit yet. The Dems are gonna cut each other to shreds and McCains gonna win easily. I really do hate the idea of it, but I see it coming.

Johnny Utah said...

when I think of Pennsylvania I think of old school, the simplicity of Penn State football uniforms, the cobblestone streets in Philly, and the Amish in Lancaster County. For a litany of reasons, Penn just wasn't Obama's best state, Rev Wright didn't help, but he hardly had a chance.