Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I Should Probably Keep To Myself [2/3191987]

Today isn't really things but more of a thing I should probably keep to myself. Sometimes I like to think of ethnicity as flavors... I've had BLACK, Caucasian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Nigerian, and all sorts of blended flavors (black/Puerto-Rican BLACK/Caucasian, Caucasian/Mexican, etc.). I seem to basically attract these types, especially the BLACK/Hispanic blends. I've (mostly) loved what I've had so far but what I want is...

Daniel Henney

I want me a fine ass Asian man. I hear a lot of young Asian men saying that the stereotype is not true and they do love them some black women... Can one of them holla at me? I'm 1/4 Japanese. Can you imagine the pretty little babies we could make?

I'm not unrealistic, I know everybody can't be Russel Wong, Harold & Kumar, or Chen Chang but DAAAAAMN can I at least get this dude from youtube?

I'm saying, the fineness of Asian men is often overlooked (even by Asian women) and I want it to be clear I'm here for them. I love you pretty Asian men. I'm not overlooking you so please don't overlook me. Let's have little ethnically confused babies with curly hair. (Dare to dream...)

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Melody said...

Fucking Asians. Hah, I'm biased now.