Monday, March 31, 2008

Depressed (and in need of a decongestant)

No joke, I have been sick on and off since November 2007. It's mainly been flu-like symptoms that go from little to big and debilitating in days. :( I have been to the doctor's a few times and they tell me the same thing all the time -- "It's allergies." I don't buy that bullshit. I've had horrible allergies since I was in elementary school and I live in Maryland (I swear everyone has allergies here) so I definitely know what allergies feel like. THIS IS NOT ALLERGIES. After realizing I don't have tuberculosis or bronchitis I can only come up with one thing... I'M DYING. I must have some sort of terminal illness that is slowly taking over my body and the only thing I can do to soothe the trauma of impending doom is to drug myself heavily with NyQuil. The problem with this NyQuil is:

  1. I'm developing an immunity to it.
  2. The comedown sucks.
I get all sad and start thinking about my dreary jobless, schooless, purposeless life, man problemed life. Like Weezy F. Baby says, "Only once the drugs are done that I feel like dying, I feel like dying." So this is my comedown and I'm depressed and thinking about my miserable life. But to quote another mediocre rapper, "See, to live is suffer but to survive, well, that's to find meaning in the suffer." Now enjoy a classic video to fit my mood:

No really, watch it.

Les will probably classify this post as "dramatical."


RskimB said...

you are extra dramatic. for the last time you're not dying. you are a paranoid/have a bad immune system. see your doctor. wash your hands more. change your diet. find a hobby.

look at all those words you made me write. you are NOT DYING stop listening to Lil Wayne.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

yes, stop listening to little wayne...AND DMX!

Maybe you should find another doctor, perhaps?

Oh, and get out of A.A. County! That's enough to kill anyone!