Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sometimes I might post poems.


Last night my hands couldn't sleep
My fingertips traced the sheets
desperately yearning for the ones
they used to sleep with
balling fists in anger to find them not there

Last night my eyes couldn't sleep
Every time I closed my lids
they'd dance behind them so I'd open them again
They tried to push my contacts out
And when that wasn't enough
they dropped tiny water balloons on my cheeks
calling upon my hands to wipe the wetness away

Last night my mouth couldn't sleep
It wouldn't let me breathe comfortably with it closed
My lips kept seeking dryness so I'd have to lick them
Eventually my tongue followed suit
so I had to find some water to satiate

Last night my heart couldn't sleep
It thumped eagerly and heavily inside my chest
Forcing me to panic and my mouth to take deep breaths
and bite the fingernails of one hand
as the other clinched my chest
leaving my cheeks drenched
by the tiny water balloons

Last night my brain couldn't sleep
so it told my fingers to trace the sheets
and my eyes to dance behind my eyelids
and my mouth to search for dryness
and my heart to thump eagerly and heavily inside my chest

My brain has not yet figured out
how to not think about you
how to accept that
my fingers are now without companions
my eyes no longer have your eyes to fixate on
my mouth will not be greeted by your lips and your tongue
and my heart will have to beat hard enough for two
now that half of it is gone

My brain will not rest
because of this unrest between us
so instead it creates this turbulence to keep me awake
and together we lie in my bed and wait

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