Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fishnets!!! :)

In honor of the very high possibility of me finding my way back to my previous lifestyle of debauchery -- I must discuss my favorite partying/club/girl's night out/ho night/fuck you _____ night accessory (besides booze)... FISHNETS. I love me some fishnets, OH MY GOD! I especially love these HAWT pink ones that I destroyed but they were similar to the ones in that picture. I'm telling you, nothing adds instant slut factor to an outfit like fishnets. Some may say, why would you want to look like a slut when out on the town? Simple answer: I COMMIT TO WHAT I DO. When I go out, I'm buck wild and I make no apologies for it. If I'm going to skank it up for the club or wherever I might as well go all the way and the fishnets, they take it there. Some fishnets, pumps (usually black), and a short skirt/long shirt/shorts... BANGIN. I, mean, don't get me wrong -- there is a right and wrong place for the fishnets. I hardly ever wear them in DC because most of the clubs I go to there take themselves wayyyyyy to seriously (which I why I prefer to club in the nastiness of B-More Careful) For all my ladies out there, if you have not yet tried to wonderfullness of fishnets, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? They come in like every color you could want and some even have the cool back seam. Don't be shy girl, give them fishnets a try! Don't worry about the glares of hatin' bitches and you know the men love them. If you're worried about attracting the wrong kind of men, I say don't wear them anywhere you're trying to find a boyfriend. LoL. As for the menz... Please, leave the fishnets to us ladies. Heed my warning.

Damn shame...

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